The 5 Best Trimmers for Long and Short Beards

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If you get a haircut regularly, you should be maintaining your beard properly. If you’ve got stubble or scruff, this can be difficult without the right tools. But we’ve got you covered. Here are the five best trimmers for your beard—no matter the style. Wahl COURTESY Beard $11.99 SHOP

For longer, thicker beards, you want to use a trimmer with a heavy-duty motor like this one once or twice a week. Before you trim, comb your beard down to get rid of tangles, then comb against the growth to fluff it and make it easier to cut. And you might want to start washing your beard with something that leaves less residue than face wash. Braun COURTESY MGK3020 Beard $24.75 SHOP

For a slightly longer look—something that shows you can grow a full beard, you just choose not to—trim with this every three or four days. The most important element is your neckline. You want your beard to end in a way that looks natural. Tapered. A definite line will make you look like a classics professor (and that’s not a good thing, in this context). Philips Norelco COURTESY Series 3000 Beard & Hair Electric $31.95 SHOP

Used every day or two, the new Philips Norelco trimmer will leave you with the perfect five o’clock shadow. Since you’re getting so close to the skin, take a shower first; the heat will open your pores and soften the hair. Dry your face with a towel before you start. And remember to use a moisturizer after. Just because you’re covering your face with hair doesn’t mean you can ignore it. ADVERTISEMENT – CONTINUE READING BELOW

Panasonic COURTESY Wet and Dry Cordless Electric Beard and Hair $39.06 SHOP

If you’e got a full beard but don’t want to veer into fisherman territory, this is the trimmer for you. The guard adjusts from just a millimeter in length up to 10, which is a little under a half an inch. Long enough for coverage, but not so long that you need to worry about tangles. And if you’re going for something short and simple, you can even give your mug a quick once-over in the shower—the trimmer, like your face, is waterproof. Esquire Grooming COURTESY The Five Piece $77.99 SHOP

Once you let your beard grow longer than a few inches, pretty much anything goes. You might want to think about conditioning every once in a while, but other than that, your main goal should be to keep your beard free of tangles, food, and anything with an exoskeleton. For maintenance, keep a variety of pieces on hand to fix whatever needs fixing. 

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