Keep Shirt Tucked in All Day-4 Actionable Easy Tips for Men

You take a shower, get dressed properly, your clothes are up to the mark, shoes clean and shirt tucked in but soon you realize it’s all messy and the shirt is not tucked in anymore. What would you do? Probably, fix it again. But is there any way to keep shirt tucked in for all day? If not all day, then at least for few hours so that you don’t have to adjust it 10 times a day.

Yes, there are some tips that you should definitely follow if you want to keep your shirt tucked in for longer and also look better.

A clean and crisp look always attracts rather than a messy look. The 3 “S” play an important role in this i.e, shape, size, and style.

Let’s find out those actionable tips that you can follow to avoid that messed up look and stay attractive all day.

4 Easy Tips to Keep Shirt Tucked in

Our first tip is going to solve 100% of the problem but the other 3 tips are equally important because they will add to your style and give you a much better look and comfort.

1. Use Shirt Stays

shirt stays to keep shirt tucked in

It’s also known as “Shirt Garters”. What do you think is the secret that the shirts of some people stay tucked in all day? If you are a skinny guy, then you probably think it’s their physique and wide waist that is holding the shirt tight. Does this sound familiar?

But, it’s more than that. You just need a pair of shirt stays and use it in a proper way. It will keep your shirt the same way even if you are stretching your arms a lot.

You can go for any of these styles, be it straight, Y-Style or Stirrup.

What are shirt stays?

It’s a pair of elastic bands that attach to your shirt. You tie one of it with your shirt and the other end with your socks.

It not only keeps your shirt tucked in but also keep your socks up (if you are wearing a sock pair with loose elastic). It won’t be wrong to say that it does give you multiple benefits.

This is how it is meant to wear:

y style shirt stays

Just because now you know how to keep the shirt tucked in doesn’t mean that the further tips are not useful, they are equally important.

2. Choose a Longer Shirt

Never ever go for a short shirt if you want to tuck it inside your pants. Make sure it is at least 3-4 inches longer below the belt. The bad thing about short shirts is that you will lift your arm up once and it will come out all at once, so, don’t go for a short shirt for tucking purpose.

It will have a better grip.

3. Undershirt in Your Underwear

undershirt tucked in underwear

If you are wearing an undershirt, then try putting it in your underwear. Tucking your undershirt in your underwear will provide your shirt a better grip and it won’t come out easily.

4. Get it Tailored

A shirt that is not of your size will always look weird even if you are using shirt stays. Shirt stays will hold the shirt firm but the extra margin on the sides will still be visible and look weird because it will create unusual patterns which definitely doesn’t look clean and good.

The best thing would be to get the shirt tailored according to your physique and measurements. It will not only look good but also stay in shape for longer.

The last 3 tips are useful and will help you look good and keep the shirt tucked in for a longer duration even if you are not using any shirt stay pairs.

No matter what stuff your shirt is made of, these tips are actionable to every cloth type and anyone can follow them.

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