Best Hair Removal Laser Machine for Easy Home Laser Hair Removal

Gone are those days when laser-like stuff only used to be an expert’s cup of tea. Technology has seen so much improvement and you can now do such things (not all) sitting at your home. Hair removal using a laser is one of those things, all you need is the best hair removal laser device.

Life is so busy these days and no one has got the time to shave every other day, if there is a solution then why not use it to the fullest. Don’t expect that you will use the laser hair removal method once and you won’t see the hair growth ever in your entire life.

These hair removal laser machines are definitely different from shavers and razors, after 2-3 laser treatments you will see that hair grows at a very slow rate, almost negligible. You can call it permanent hair removal after 2-3 laser treatments.

How does this laser hair removal work?

Would you ever go for hunting without knowing how do guns work? No, because doing so would risk your life and you won’t be able to do anything.

In the same manner, before we tell what are the best hair removal laser machines for home laser hair removal, you should first know how to do these work, what lasers are these, what technology these devices use and how do they stop the growth of hair growing cells.

However, if you already know about it then you can skip to the list of best hair removal systems.

The technology used in most of the laser hair removal devices: There is a technology called IPL (Intense pulsed light).

There are lots of lies revolving around the internet, let us uncover those lies.

Most of the laser devices, including IPL, works best for fair skin and dark hair. Yes, we know it is contradicting to the statements you may have read somewhere else, but a research published on the Telegraph website has statements by professional dermatologists and doctors that proves what we are saying.

For those, who say it works perfectly for blonde hair, they are lying, just to sell you things so that they could get commission off your purchase.

We are not saying it won’t work at all, but it works best with fair skin and dark hair. However, there are some lasers which work on dark skin tones as well (these lasers are included on our list, see the 8th product on our list), but your hair needs to be dark (at least a little bit).

Now, to sum up, it works great with fair skin and dark hair. Less effective on blonde and red hair and not effective for white or grey hair.

That’s the bitter truth you should know and it’s our duty to bring out the truth because it involves your money and more importantly your health.

Always read the instructions on the product before buying it to see if it’s for your or not.

There are still some things that we need to tell you, for example, how do these laser hair removal devices work, are these suitable for men and women both? We have covered these topics after the products listing.

Best Hair Removal Laser Devices for Home

Before proceeding there is one question on your mind that we would like to clear, and that question is “Does laser hair removal really work?”.

Allow us to answer:

YES, it works and it works great.

Note: If you are a pregnant lady, feeding your baby, have tattoos, scratches etc. then don’t even try to use laser hair removal. (don’t use it on areas that have tattoos, scratches, dark patches.)
Laser NameNo. of FlashesBest Price
Tria Laser 4X90,000 Check Price
Remington iLIGHT Pro Plus Quartz30,000 Check Price
Philips Lumea Comfort200,000 Check Price
Philips Lumea BRI956N/A Check Price
Remington iLIGHT Ultra30,000 Check Price
LumaRx Hair Removal Laser65,000 Check Price
Silk’n Flash&Go Compact150,000 Check Price
Silk’n Flash & Go5000/cartridge Check Price
iLuminage Touch120,000 (for all skin tones) Check Price

We’ll discuss them in details below.

Best Hair Removal Laser System for all Skin Tones

Yes, there is only 1 device on our list that works for all skin tones. How? It uses its own Dual-Wave patented laser technology which is cleared by FDA for safety usage at home.

Instead of using IPL, HPL or diode laser only, it uses IPL along with radio frequencies which makes it possible to remove hairs permanently from all skin tones.

The laser for hair removal we’ve been talking about is:

Laser NameNo. of FlashesBest Price
iLuminage Touch120,000 Check Price

It’s time to list the best home hair removal laser devices for permanent hair removal and discuss them in detail. Yes, it can remove hairs permanently by destroying the hair growth cells within in your body (after all that’s what laser is all about).

1. Tria Hair Removal Laser

tria best hair removal laser 4xOne of the best and most recommended hair removal laser device that is among the safest lasers for home use. Works on women better than men

Not safe for darker than light brown and this is suggested by the production company itself, so taking a risk for your skin is not recommended at all.

You will be happy and excited to know that it uses the Diode Laser Technology, the same technology that is used by professional dermatologists and certified clinics where the hair removal is being done by charging you high fees.

It has been approved by FDA and it is completely safe to use at home if you want to know if it works for your hair color and skin tone or not, then just look at the below chart and see if it’s for you or not.

skin tone chart

The Tria hair removal laser has taken safety into consideration very seriously, there are a security lock and a skin sensor, it scans your skin, if the scanner feels that your skin tone is suitable for this laser hair removal only then it unlocks, otherwise it will stay locked.

That’s very smart and useful feature to prevent the user from unwanted injuries and problems.

Handling: It is very easy to handle, the products weighs about 1.9kg and the dimensions are given to the product keeping handling in mind. Due to small head, it works great for bikini lines as well, now it’s understood that it may a little longer for large parts.

You need to have some patience while removing hairs using this laser hair removal machine or any other because it is removing hairs from within the skin by destroying cells, unlike shaving where only visible hairs are cut off.

And yes, it works without the cord, you won’t have a tough time adjusting cords to reach different body parts, which is something we highly admire.

Maintenance: For some people, it may seem costlier but for some, it is actually cheaper. The fact that there is no replacement cartridge for this product makes people wonder what if the flashes are finished?

Well, it provides about 90,000 flashes which are way more than any other average hair removal laser. It should last for few years.

That’s the reason there is no replacement cartridge.

It can easily for about 40-45 minutes on one charge and the battery is chargeable (obviously).

Talking about the results, then it surely gives you very good results, as we said before it uses the laser diode technology which is used at clinics by professional dermatologists and it’s safe also.

If your skin tone and hair colors are under the allowed zone in the chart added above, then you must try this for permanent hair removal.

We’re telling you again that don’t expect the hairs will be permanently removed after 1 laser treatment, it takes about 2 laser hair removal in 3 months to reduce the unwanted hair growth by 70% (that’s a good number).

Instead of giving high fees at the clinics, it would be a wise choice to buy this one and do it yourself.

Should you try this? Yes, if your skin tone and hair colors fulfill the criteria (see above chart). The product comes with 90 day money back guarantee.

If you need it for a male then go for our next recommendation, Tria is mainly for women.

Check Price

2. Remington iLIGHT Pro Plus Quartz Hair Removal System

remington pr plus quartz laser hair removalIn the beginning of this article, we told you about IPL, remember? It uses the same technology, unlike Tria’s laser which uses diode laser.

What’s the difference between IPL and diode laser? Well, to explain it here, in short, laser gives out light in single wavelength whereas IPL produces light in more than one wavelength, it is also safe, so, nothing to worry.

It has been cleared by US FDA and is suitable for both men and women, on pubic hairs as well. It also has skin tone sensor to see if your skin is suitable or not.

Let’s talk about its maintenance, results and skin compatibility.

Maintenance: Remington’s iLIGHT hair removal laser provides 30,000 flashes but the good news is that it is replaceable (and one of the highest among replaceable bulb).

Skin Compatibility: It works pretty same as Tria’s. That’s something obvious because if Tria, which uses diode laser, is not allowing skin tones darker than light brown, then how can Remington’s laser, which uses IPL laser technology.

remington laser skin tone chart

Use this chart to see if this is suitable for your skin tone or not. If it doesn’t suit your skin tone, then it would be a foolish decision to use it, only use it if your skin tone matches its criteria.

Results: Since IPL produces more than one wavelength of different ranges, so it cleans off your hair in a better way. Using this product and providing proper laser treatment you can expect to see permanent hair removal.

Please note that in this case, permanent hair removal doesn’t mean you won’t grow hairs for the rest of your life, it is measured for longer duration like 6 months, 9 months, and 12 months.

You can expect to not see any re-growing of hair for at least 6 months after the completion of a treatment regimen.

You won’t have to bear a lot of pain, it’s almost a painless permanent hair removal treatment.

Note: Don’t use this laser anywhere around the face.
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3. Philips Lumea

philips lumea comfort hair removing laser systemLet’s see what Philips has for us. If you have been looking for a hair removal laser that works for facial hair as well, then this is the one you should be going for.

Apart from the fact that is suitable for facial hair, you would be happy to know that it’s a budget hair removal laser device, so, you won’t have to spend a lot of money.

It comes with 180 trial money back guarantee and provides 200,000 flashes which are among the highest.

Note that Philips Lumea has got different variants within the Lumea series.

The cheaper one we have been talking about till now that provides 200,000 flashes is called Philips Lumea Comfort IPL hair removal.

There is one more Lumea model which is costlier than Comfort but more advanced also, it’s called Philips Lumea New BRI956. It has got 4 different attachments to adjust to different body parts, and its curved structure makes it easy to reach every body part.

The SmartSkin sensor advises the best setting so that you get the best and optimal results according to your skin tone.

Talking about the limitations, then both of the Lumea variants follow the same path just like other best hair removal laser machines.

Whether you go for Lumea comfort or for Lumea BRI956, they both are good for the body and facial hairs.

Check Price of Lumea Comfort Check Price of Lumea BRI596

4. Remington iLIGHT Ultra

remington ilight ultra hair removal laser deviceThis is the second product from Remington on our list of best hair removal laser for home. If you ask our straightforward answer about which is better Remington’s previous one or this one, then this one has more to offer.

Quartz provided 30,000 flashes per bulb, but this one gives 65,000 flashes per bulb.

Also, there is one more thing that makes it better than Remington’s Quartz (especially for women) is it is suitable for facial hairs also, but for women only. Men can use this product for body hairs, not for face.

There is one thing that you will notice while making a purchase, that it works for some and doesn’t work for the others. It is simply because everyone’s skin is different.

And, if you have some skin issues or your skin tone is not suitable, then we would recommend you to not buy this.

Knowing the fact that it can create problems with dark skins, tattooed skin etc. and still using on the same skin is nothing but a foolish decision.

If you want to know about skin tone compatibility, then it is same as Remington’s iLIGHT pro plus Quartz hair removal laser system, the chart of which is attached above.

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5. LumaRx Hair Removal Laser

lumarx permanent hair removalAnother awesome and one of the best hair removal laser devices that you can use for body and face both.

This is suitable for faces but for women only, male’s faces are not suitable for home laser hair removal, however, men can use it for their body.

The cartridge has the capacity of 65,000 flashes but the good news is that it is replaceable, so you don’t need to buy the new device every time the flashes give up.

If we talk about the handling, then the head of this hair removal laser is big enough to cover the large body party without demanding too much of your time.

You might be thinking, then how can females use it on their face if the heads are big, no need to worry about that as well since you get the Facial cap, which is used while treatment smaller sections like chin and upper lips.

Maintenance: We have already talked about, the cartridges are replaceable and you get 65,000 flashes on each cartridge.

Results: Performance wise it’s good, don’t expect to see permanent hair removal on just 2-3 sessions, give proper treatment and you will start noticing the effects after 4-5 sessions. However, after 3 sessions you may see a lot of hair re-growing.

Compatibility: Check out the chart attached below to see if your skin is compatible with the device or not.

lumarx hair removal laser skin tone chart

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6. Silk’n Flash&Go Compact and Trim

silk'n flash&go compactA home hair removal laser for those who like to carry their grooming products while traveling also. It is specially made for those who want to remove hairs permanently from smaller and sensitive areas like bikini line, upper lips, underarms, and even toes.

The product is not a burden on your pocket as it fits the budget, it looks like the product follows its name when it comes to the budget, i.e, Compact.

You also get a pen shaped trimmer with this hair removal laser device, this trimmer can be used to make sharp edges and remove unwanted hairs around eyebrows, upper lips.

Maintenance: It comes with the non-replaceable cartridge, can deliver up to 150,000 pulses.

Compatibility: The compatibility for this product also follows the previously listed best home hair removal lasers. If you read somewhere that it can work perfectly for dark and tanned skins as well, then just run away because it doesn’t and you may harm your skin instead.

Results: You may start experiencing the changes after 3 treatments, it is recommended to use after every 2 weeks and it has worked for thick and thin hair as well.

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7. Silk’n Flash & Go Hair Removal Device

silk'n flash&go permanent hair removal laser machineAnother hair removal laser device from Silk’n, it is cheaper than Silk’n compact device.

It is suitable for almost every size because of the window size it has (4 cm2), so, whether your targets are smaller areas like upper lips or bigger areas like legs, it should perform well.

One of the biggest pros of this device is that is among the cheapest hair removal laser on the market when it comes to price.

It can be used on the face as well (don’t use it near eyes, upper lips and chin are the ideal spots to use it). It comes with a 5000 flash cartridge and there is upgradeable long life cartridge available.

Instead of IPL, it uses HPL, which is also safe, it stands for Home Pulsed Light. Flash&Go has been using this technology until today and the HPL technology got the safe badge in 2009.

If you don’t want to go for an expensive hair removal treatment at home, then this one is for you.

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8. iLuminage Touch

iluminage touch hair removal system laserTime to discuss something which is totally different from other and confidently states that it can work for every skin tone and hair color.

The only hair removal laser that works on all skin tones.

Yes, you read it right. The company promises that this hair removal laser works on all skin tones (including dark and natural brown skin) and all hair colors (including red, grey hairs).

This is the statement made by the company, however, they do have special tips for people who want to use it on dark skins, for example, shaving right before the treatment. You will get all those details and instruction with the product.

How does it work for all skin tones?

Now, the real questions come. What’s the difference between this laser and other lasers that it works for all skin tones?

Tria’s laser uses diode laser, Flash&Go uses HPL and other hair removal lasers use IPL, BUT, iLuminage touch uses a combination of the lasers.

It uses IPL along with radio frequencies to remove hairs permanently form men’s and women’s body and face.

The Dual-Wave technology it is powered by is patented by the parent company, that’s the reason other lasers are not using it.

The device has been cleared by FDA for all skin tones and almost every hair color. It comes with 120,000 pulses cartridge and can easily last for few years.

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FAQs About Hair Removal Lasers

Now you know what’s the best hair removal laser for you and which one you should pick. As we said, there are some questions that we will take care of at the end of the article.

In case we miss your question in the FAQ, then the comment box is open for all.

a.) Does it work for men and women both?

Yes, almost every product we have listed works for men and women.

b.) Can I use it on the face?

Depends. We have already written which products works well for face also. Note that these are not good for male faces.

c.) How does it work?

You might be curious to know this thing. The name says it all, it uses lasers. To be more specific it transmits the light into your body which destroys the hair growing cells, that’s why a little pain is experienced.

d.) Why most of them don’t work for dark skins and light hairs?

It’s all about light. Dark colors absorb light better and these lasers and technology are suitable for only specified colors, however, the last one we have listed (iLuminage Touch) works for all skin tones and hair colors because it uses its own patented dual-wave technology.

e.) Isn’t this costly?

If you have this doubt in your head, then probably you haven’t given a visit to a clinic for permanent hair removal, visit any clinic once and you will see how much do they charge. Compared to that, it’s nothing.

f.) Who should not use it?

If you are a pregnant lady, feeding your baby, got dark patches, recently tanned skin or any other skin problem, then it is better to take medical advise first (skin tone is not an issue with iLuminage Touch laser).

g.) Should I really care about skin tone?

Yes, it’s not only about money, it’s about your health also. On your list, the iLuminage Touch is the only device to say that it works for every skin tone, if you are buying any other hair removal laser, then better take care of the skin tone and hair color.

h.) Does hair thickness matter?

Yes. It contains more melanin (color pigment) which is the reason thicker hair sees results faster than thin hairs.

i.) My friend and I have same skin type and hair color, still, the results are not same. Why?

First off, you both are not same. There are lots of differences which is the reason not everyone experiences the same results.


We have given you our best hair removal laser devices list, rest depends on your requirements. It is definitely cost effective if compared to clinical treatments. Let us know which laser hair removal device you prefer for yourself.

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