Best Foot Massager 2018 to Relax Your Feet and Calves

Having a tough time finding the right and the best foot massager? Of course, that’s the only reason you landed on

These foot massagers can be used by men and women both.

Whether you want to gift it to someone, buy it for yourself because your job involves a lot of foot movement, or even if you want to get a foot massager just for that awesome relaxation feeling, whatever may be the case, the foot massagers we are going to recommend will fulfill all the needs.

Foot Fact: There are 26 bones in each foot, making your feet the second body part having the most number of bones, hands are at number 1 with 27 bones in each hand.

Your feet are involved in almost every activity you perform, they keep your life moving, no doubt they would definitely get tired and exhausted. It’s definitely worth giving your feet some relaxation and for that, you might the best foot massager.

Best Foot Massager 2018 for Every Need

We know everyone does not have the same budget. Some are willing to spend over $100-$150 to get the most advanced product, some are willing to pay less than $100 while some have the budget around $50.

It’s absolutely okay and we understand you, that’s why we have listed the foot and calves massager for every budget. Yes, there are going to be some massager that works for calves also.

Here you go:

ModelMassage StyleHeat feature?Best Price
Miko MassagerShiatsuYes Check Best Price
Belmint Foot MassagerShiatsuYes Check Best Price
HumanTouch Reflex 4Shiatsu Reflexology (Foot and Calf)Yes Check Best Price
Theraflow Dual MassagerAcupressure/ReflexologyNo Check Best Price
Brookstone ShiatsuShiatsuYes Check Best Price
uComfyShiatsuYes Check Best Price

These are our top picks for the best calf and foot massage machine, you can go with any of these.

Let’s discuss these feet massage machines in details.

Foot and Calf Massager Reviewed in Detail

While reviewing these foot massagers, along with other technical things we also considered the experience of customers who already own these machines.

Let’s start with the first one.

Note: You may have noticed that we have used the word “Shiatsu” with almost every feet massager on our list. For those who don’t know, Shiatsu is not a brand, it’s the name of a physical therapy that strengthens the body’s natural ability to balance and heal itself. It’s a form of Japanese bodywork based on ideas in traditional Chinese medicine.

Shiatsu is a Japanese word which means “Finger Pressure”. You can read more about Shiatsu in detail on Wikipedia.

1. Miko Shiatsu Foot Massager with Heat

Miko best foot massager machineFor now, this is the best foot massager on out list among all others. We surely keep updating things but as of now, this stands at the top.

We found everything that an ideal foot massager should have in this foot massage machine with very fewer cons. Obviously, there are cons too. There is no single product that has not even a single downside. In Miko’s you can’t turn off the air pressure.

Let’s see what we get in this foot massager by Miko.

It is equipped with Subtle vibrating, deep kneading, rolling, and heat functions with 5 pressure setting to target specific pressure points.

You may have already noticed in the title the style of massage therapy it provides, it’s a Shiatsu style foot massager with heat and air pressure. The role of the air pressure is to apply the pressure to all parts of the foot.

The covers are removable and washable, thankfully we don’t need to worry about the hygiene because of this and it becomes easier to wash with removable covers.

And yes, it comes with 2 wireless remotes.

As we said above, the air pressure can’t be turned off, so you might feel a little uncomfortable in the beginning but it gets better after a few minutes. Air pressure inside the chamber also makes you feel some massage going on the top of your feet, which is good.

The maximum shoe size it can fit comfortably is 14, it becomes a little uncomfortable for 15.

The company says that you can get a refund or exchange with 1 year warranty if you are not fully satisfied with the product, however, it may have certain terms and conditions as well.

Miko Shiatsu Foot Massager Details
  • Shiatsu Massage therapy.
  • Deep kneading, rolling, vibrations and built-in heat features.
  • 2 wireless remotes included.
  • 1 year warranty.
  • 5 massage levels.
  • Foot (shoe) size up to 14.
Check Best Price


2. Belmint Shiatsu Foot Massage Machine (Best Budget)

belmint shiatsu foot massagerThis is one of the best budget Shiatsu foot massagers that you can get for less than $60 (prices may change). Since it is that cheap and fits the budget of every person, so there are some things which are missing from this massager.

Unlike Miko’s foot massager, it doesn’t have independent chambers for your feet and no chamber means no air pressure and the sides of the foot also don’t get complete pressure because of no chamber walls.

It can be used for Plantar Fasciitis, Chronic, and Nerve Pain. Again it’s based on Shiatsu deep kneading massage therapy and it also has built-in hat function.

Sometimes you are so tired that a 10 minute heated foot massage can make you sleep on the couch as well, there is where Belmint won our heart, there is 20 minute auto shut off features that can save energy.

Just like Miko, it also comes with a refund or replacement warranty with no questions asked.

The good thing is, it’s easy to stand on, you can use it even when you are shaving.

The adjustable angle helps you adjust the massager according to your sitting position.

Cons: It has no vibration mode, rollers only. It also has no independent chambers (but for this price, it’s no problem).

Belmint Foot Massager Details
  • Deep kneading, heat function.
  • Shiatsu therapy style.
  • 20 minute auto shut-off.
  • 18 massage nodes.
Check Best Price


3. Human Touch Reflex 4 Foot and Calf Massager

humantouch shiatsu foot reflexology massagerFor those who need a reflexology massage, here is an awesome foot and calf massager. As we said, we’ll be recommending some massagers that can relax your legs up to calves and here it is.

It runs on its own patented Figure-8 technology that provides you completely surrounded massage instead of just binding your ankle. A calf massager should not just focus up to ankle, it should really be able to relax your calves properly.

There’s also an ergonomically adjustable tilt base that you can use to adjust the elevation and angle according to your sitting posture.

Let’s take a look at its features in short:

  • Patented Figure-Eight Technology that massages the calves in an upward, rolling or wave-like motion, it improves the circulation of blood.
  • Under-Foot Reflexology Massage Rollers.
  • 4 Auto-Massage Wellness Programs: Shiatsu 1, Shiatsu 2, Relax, and Refresh
  • CirQlation Technology, a technology developed by Human Touch that claims to deliver a life-like massage.
  • Removable and washable sleeve inserts.
  • Extended height for maximized massage coverage up to calves.
  • Built-in handles for portability.
  • Adjustable Tilt to adjust alignment angle.

You might want to have a look at this explainer video by Human Touch:

The good thing is, people with wide calves will also feel comfortable in this. Even a 16 inch wide calf would be comfortable in it.

Take a look at the buttons panel of this foot and calf massager.

human touch foot massager buttons

It’s definitely a worth considering foot and calf massager.

Human Touch Massager Details
  • Foot and calf massager.
  • Reflexology massage.
  • Uses patented Figure-8 technology.
  • 4 auto massage programs.
  • Suitable for wide calves.
Check Best Price


4. TheraFlow Dual Foot Massager Roller (Cheapest)

theraflow foot massagerI really want to experience some relaxation on my feet but my budget is not even $50, what should I do?

If this is you, then don’t worry. We have got something for you that you can get within $20. Before proceeding keep in mind that this is not going to be a massager with all the advanced features, it’s a manual therapy massager that you can use to relax your feet and circulate the blood properly.

This massager can be used to relieve Plantar Fasciitis, Heel, Foot Arch Pain & Stress. No doubt it is one of the best acupressure or reflexology tools that you can get at a very cheap price.

Since there is nothing wired or electric in this, so it’s hard to find the cons. The tool is made for acupressure and it does what it advertises, relieves the pain.

Promoting better blood flow by hitting the right points is what it does.

Check Best Price


5. Brookstone 839379 Shiatsu

brookstone foot massage machineLet’s welcome a truly premium looking and one of the best foot massagers out there. It has 3 auto massage programs, Soothe, Pulse, and Energize. Do make sure that if you are buying, your feet size (shoe) should be 12.5 for men and 14 for women.

There are deep kneading massage rollers with air compression to give an overall massage, the heels massage part could have been a bit better but satisfactory.

You can opt to get the heated massage with the selectable heat feature.

The fabric covers are removable and washable, just unzip the covers and they are removed.

There is one more thing that we love about this product is the blue lights in the button control panel, it looks quite cool and premium. This has nothing to do with the functioning of this massager but this kind of attracted our attention.

There are 2 massage modes, high-intensity and low-intensity. We would recommend not to go with the high-intensity mode for the first time, start with the low-intensity and check how it feels, you can increase the intensity later on.

Brookstone Shiatsu Foot Massager Details
  • Deep-kneading, roller, and air compression.
  • Shiatsu foot massager with heat.
  • 3 auto massage programs.
  • 2 massage modes, high-intensity and low-intensity.
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6. uComfy Shiatsu Foot Massager with Heat

ucmfy shiatsu foot massagerThe architecture of this foot massager is similar to Miko’s massager. If you are someone with the foot size (shoe) 13 or less, then you should think of trying this, bigger feet will not fit comfortably in this.

There are independent chambers where you have to put your feet. It supports vibration, roller, and heated air pressure.

The top and the bottom of the feet are massaged and the air pressure gives a warm and relaxing feeling.

Overall, it’s a good product but if you want to get something in the same budget, then again we recommend Miko’s foot massager.

There is one thing that lacks in Miko’s massager. Miko’s massage machine had no option to turn off the kneading, whereas, uComfy does have a button to turn off kneading.

The covers are removable and washable.

uComfy Massager Details
  • Massager with heat.
  • Kneads and vibrations.
  • Air pressure can be turned off.
Check Best Price


These are our top picks when it comes to choosing the best foot massager out there. We have also mentioned some foot and calf massager, you may think of that also. You must have also noticed one thing that all the foot massage machines we have mentioned are Shiatsu foot massager, they all provide the same therapy style, so it won’t be difficult for you to decide.

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