Best Electric Shaver (2018) and Razor for Perfect Beard Shaving

There’s one thing every one of us would agree to, that no one likes to compromise with their looks. Isn’t it? Being a man and handling a beard is not an easy thing. Whether you prefer clean shaven look, stubble look or just a normal beard, electric shavers help you a lot in maintaining that particular style.

If you just go through some e-commerce sites, then you will find plenty of electric shavers that promise to be the best in the industry but are they really the best? Are those electric razors capable of giving you a smooth shaving experience? We’ll find it out and list some of the best electric shavers and razors for you.

Time has changed a lot, first there were straight razors, then came the safety razor which became very successful, thanks to the advertisement campaign which questioned the safety of straight razors, the term safety razor was first used in 1880. You see shaving techniques have been evolving since then, in fact, way before then and now, we have got electric shavers.

Before proceeding to the list of men’s shavers, let us tell you one thing that every single electric shaver does only one thing, that is, shave and trim your beard.

But, there are certain things that count, like, if your shaving experience was smooth, whether the shaver is giving you red patches and scratches on your skin, if it gets stuck in your beard, is it suitable for your type of skin and hairs etc.

Keeping these little yet important things in mind we have reviewed here the best electric razors for all of you men out there.

Best Electric Shaver List 2018

best electric shaver list for men

There are few doubts and questions in everyone’s mind before making a purchase and it’s genuine to have those doubts since you are going to spend some money and it shouldn’t get wasted at all.

We understand those doubts and do our best to help you chose the right one. What shaver should I purchase? Is it worth my money? What if I don’t like it? Is it good for African-Americans? We also think like you, we think like a buyer while reviewing these products.

Let’s see what’s the best when it comes to taking care of your beard or just clearing it totally. For all the ladies reading this, you can gift any of these electric shavers to any man you want.

We hope our genuine reviews and buyer’s guide will help you in getting the best product available on the market right now.

Here is the table that lists all the reviewed men’s electric shavers.

Shaver ModelFoil/RotaryBest Price
Braun Series 9Foil Check Price
Panasonic Arc5Foil Check Price
Philips Norelco 9000Rotary Check Price
Panasonic ES LA93 Arc4Foil Check Price
Remington F5 5800Foil Check Price
Braun Series 7Foil Check Price
Wahl shaverFoil Check Price
Philips Norelco 4500Rotary Check Price
Braun Series 5 5090ccFoil Check Price

Now that you know what are the most trusted and best electric shavers when it comes to the best shaving experience, it’s time for us to get in detail and see what’s in there for us.

We like to stay updated and that’s why we review newly releases shavers, if it’s good then it makes it to our list. But, keep in mind that just because a shaver works for someone perfectly, doesn’t mean you will also experience the same thing, skin and shaving style also matters.

We would also like to know about your shaving experiences with different shavers, the comment box is waiting for you down below.

Time to discuss these best electric shavers in detail now.

  1. Braun Shaver 9 Series

braun electric shaver series 9

Click on the photo to get the details and price of Braun 9 Series

For those who have used Braun series 7, it’s the updated one and you already know how good Braun shavers are when it comes to beard shaving.

As of now, Series 9 has 4 variants, namely, 9295cc, 9293s, 9290cc, and Series 9 Silver.

Comfort is a must while shaving, you don’t want any shaver to be harsh on your skin and Braun’s shaver 9 series takes care of that. With 4 cutting elements and 1 Skinguard, the shaving becomes easy and painless.

This is the first time Braun has included 5 elements (4 cutting and 1 skin guard) in total, series 7 had only 4.

Not everyone’s beard is straight, some people have the beard that grows in every direction, sometimes some tricky hairs are left behind which makes it difficult to cut them with shavers, Braun’s shavers are equipped with 2 trimmers that will do the work for you.

Like said above, not everyone’s beard grows in one direction, with 10D contour adaptation, you can shave beard from hard to reach places while keeping the shaving smooth and gentle.

It comes with wet & dry feature and a cleaning & charging station.

Since, it’s wet and dry supported, so you can either shave on dry skin or even shave while taking a shower, it’s fully waterproof and can be immersed in water (until 5m).

With Clean&charge station you can clean all the germs with the help of alcohol (you don’t need to add alcohol, it’s built within the station) and side by side charge your electric shaver.

After cleaning your shaver, the station also dries it up to make it ready for the dry shave use.

Out of budget? If you think you can’t afford to have Braun 9 series then you can undoubtedly go for Series 7 which is also very good and there is not that great difference between the functioning, series 9 is slightly bigger in size.

Check out Series 7 at number 6 on this list below.

Braun Shaver Series 9 highlights:

Braun Series 9 Details
  • 5 shaving elements
  • Wet& Dry Supported
  • 10D contour adaptation
  • 2 specialized trimmers
  • 100% waterproof
  • 50 minute shave without cord
  • Comes with clean and charge station
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  1. Panasonic Arc5

panasonic arc 5 men's electric shaver

Click on the photo to get the details and price of Panasonic Arc5

Here come a Panasonic men’s shaver and grooming product. It can give a tough competition to the Braun products as some important features are also in Panasonic’s Arc 5 and it is slightly cheaper as well.

While reviewing and research on this product we also found that this works well for people with Rosacea (it’s a skin problem that causes redness).

Just like Braun’s 9 series, Panasonic  ES LV81 Arc5 also sports 5 blades, like we said, it can give a tough competition to Braun’s shavers.

You will come to know in a few seconds that why we considered it to be one of best electric shavers for men and why it’s one of the beasts.

Being 100% waterproof, it can be easily cleaned and you can use it in wet and dry modes also. The cleaning station cleans it automatically and also charges the shaver.

You can expect to see a fast shaving experience since their Arc5 blades and motors are designed to deliver 14,000 cuts per minute, that would be 70,000 cross-cutting actions per minute, seems fast.

What do you get in the package? You will find a men’s electric shaver, automatic clean and charge station, travel pouch, detergent cartridge, AC recharger.

To give your mustache and sideburns a clean finish, use the pop-up trimmer.

Panasonic Arc5 Details
  • 5 shaving elements
  • Wet& Dry Supported
  • Micro foil patterns
  • Waterproof
  • Shave without cord
  • Comes with clean and charge station
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  1. Philips Norelco 9000 Series

philips norelco 9000 best electric shaver

Click on the photo to get the details of Philips Norelco 9000

Norelco shaving shavers by Philips have got quite a lot of attention from the men. 9000 Series is the latest and upgraded version of Philips Norelco.

If you have ever used Philips electric shavers then you may have heard of the SensoTouch 3D electric razor which is now also called as Series 8000.

If you are thinking that the upgraded 9000 series is costlier than the 8000 Norelco series, then you are slightly wrong here, it is strange but one of the 9000 series electric shavers is, in fact, cheaper than 8000 series, we’re talking about Norelco S9311/87, Shaver 9300.

S9311 is also a good choice that also comes with cleaning station and sports wet and dry feature, but if want a better shaving experience then S9721/84 is the one you should go for.

S9721/84, Shaver 9700 performed better than Series 8000 (SensoTouch 3D) when it comes to reaching difficult shaving areas.

It comes with 3 level speed setting, Slow (skin friendly shave), Medium (thorough shave), and Fast (high-powered shave).

Whether it’s a day 1 stubble of day 3 stubble, the V-Track precision blades get you a good shave.

Unlike Braun’s shaver, it doesn’t have 10 directional reaches, rather it gives you 8D contour detect, still gives a smooth shave.

The Philips Norelco shaver works in 3 speed modes: Sensitive, Normal, and Fast mode. It is probably the best electric shaver among all other rotary electric shavers

The maintenance cost is lesser for this electric shaver and the spare parts like Smartclean cartridge, replacement heads are cheaper.

And one more thing, don’t get confused between S9721/84 and S9721/87, there is no difference in the product, just the packaging will be different.

Philips Norelco 9000 Details
  • Premium rotary shaver
  • V-track precision blade system
  • Wet& Dry Supported
  • 8D contour adaptation
  • Smartclick precision trimmer
  • Waterproof
  • Shave without cord
  • Comes with clean and charge station
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  1. Panasonic ES LA93 Arc 4 Electric Shaver

panasonic arc4 electric razor

Click on the photo to get the details and price

This is undoubtedly one of the best and budget friendly electric shavers on our list yet. For those who are tight on budget and think they can’t get any good electric shaver, this is the shaver for you guys.

The LA93-K model has everything that you would expect in any best electric shaver and that too while staying within budget.

Unlike Panasonic’s Arc 5, it doesn’t sport 5 blades, instead, it has 4 blades and it has dual cutting motor system, even then it doesn’t make much noise. A good and classy electric shaver and surprisingly cheaper than others.

This Panasonic shaver model also comes with cleaning and charging stand, so you don’t feel there is something missing just because you have paid lesser than others.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t have Active Shave Sensor which you can get in LV95 Arc5, but that should not worry you because the price difference between these 2 Panasonic electric shavers is quite overwhelming.

For detailed and finished look, you get a trimmer as well. The multi-flex pivoting head makes it easier to reach difficult face parts.

Talking about the speed, then comparing to Arc5 model, it is almost same, both have 14,000 CPM (cuts per minute, however, Arc5 will have a plus point here since it features 5 blades.

If you are one of those who want to shave their head using this electric shaver, then don’t worry, it works there too and you may get a good head shaving experience with this electric razor and shaver.

A good budget friendly electric shaver you can ever get.

Panasonic Arc4 Details
  • 4 shaving elements
  • Wet& Dry Supported
  • Slit foil patterns
  • Waterproof
  • Shave without cord
  • Does not come with clean and charge station
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  1. Remington F5-5800

remington f5 5800 electric shaver for men

Click on the photo to get the details and price

Not everyone out there is on a high budget to spend more than hundred dollars if this is the case with you then no need to worry. Remington is the solution to your problem, one of the best electric shavers that fall in everyone’s budget.

You can expect to get a brand new Remington electric shaver for about $50, it could be a few dollars more or less depending on the season and time but usually, it’s within $50.

Indeed, a good pick for people who are on a budget, you can get this one and then, later on, upgrade to other premium shavers like Braun series 9, series 7 or Panasonic Arc5.

You can use this men’s electric razor with or without cord as well. Without cord, it can easily run for 60 minutes (obviously it depends on other factors also like your beard density etc.)

Remington has given a 5 minute quick charge feature in this electric razor which charges it enough to give you one smooth shave, just in case you are in a hurry.

People have used this to shave their head also and it worked for most of them. It’s basically a men’s electric shaver but females can also use this, it should give you a smooth shaving experience.

Don’t expect to get a cleaning and charging station in this budget but as far as the working of the shaver is concerned, it does its work perfectly for this price range.

The height of this shaver is approximately 6.6 inches (16 cm), good enough to get a tight grip and move to different parts of the face for a clean shave.

Now, talking about the replacement foils then Remington’s replacements foils are also cheap in price when compared to other costly and premium electric shavers. You will have to replace the foils twice or thrice to reach the price of Braun’s replacement foil.

Remington F5-5800 Details
  • 5 minute quick charge function for one shave
  • Wet& Dry NOT Supported
  • Comes with pop-up trimmer
  • Takes 2 hours to get fully charged
  • Waterproof
  • Shave without cord for about 60 minutes
  • Does not come with clean and charge station
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  1. Braun Series 7

braun series 7 shavers

Click on the photo to get the details and price of Braun Series 7 Electric shaver

Another Braun product that is undoubtedly one of the finest and best electric shaver for men. Despite the fact that Braun has already launched their Series 9, there are many people who still Series 7 electric shaver, simply because of its smooth shaving.

If we were to compare these two (Series 7 and Series 9), then there is no such big difference that is worth considering. The grip of Series 9 may seem better to you because of the adjustment in the size Braun has made, performance wise, Series 7 is as good as Series 9 (even better for some).

One more major difference between Series 7 and Series 9 is that it has 4 shaving elements whereas Series 9 shaver has 5 shaving elements.

Talking about the shaving efficiency (per minute cross cutting actions), then Series 7 can deliver up to 30,000 and provide you 50 minutes of shaving (approximately) in one charge.

It adapts to your face shape very easily with the 8D contour grip, unlike Series 9 which has 10D adaptation, still, you won’t find any complaints about Series 7 as well.

For those, who want to save their money and still get one of the best men’s electric shaver, this one is for you.

There is not much any other big difference between Series 7 and Series 9 that would make you avoid this one, it is waterproof (up to 5 meters depth), comes with a clean and charge station, smooth shaving experience, 5 Turbo/sensitive modes for different shaving requirements, wet&dry, give up to 50 minutes of cordless shaving which is equal to Series 9 shaver, built in trimmer for accurate and sharp edges.

It has definitely got everything a perfect shaver would require, no doubt why it is still one of the favorites for many men out there.

And, if you are an African-American then Braun Series 7 and Series 9, both should work for you. Keep in mind that being an African-American doesn’t mean that everyone’s beard is going to be exactly the same, there are differences so what might work for one African-American may not work for the other.

But as far as technology is concerned, it should work pretty fine with your beard. Another product that gives a shave closest to the razor for African-American is Wahl electric shaver and shaper. Wahl’s shaver is used by most of the barbers.

Braun Series 7 Details
  • 4 shaving elements
  • Wet& Dry Supported
  • 8 directions adaptation
  • Takes 2 hours to get fully charged
  • Waterproof
  • Shave without cord for about 50 minutes
  • Comes with clean and charge station
  • Precision built in trimmer
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  1. Wahl Shaver and Shaper

wahl electric shaver for african-american

Click on the photo to get the details and price

It’s a good one for professionals. You may notice that may barbers are using this at their Salon for their clients. As said above it is good for African-American or black men, keeping in that mind that every beard is not same but this one works and has been working good for African-Americans.

It’s also a foil based electric shaver that works with and without the cord with an average battery life of 50 minutes, which is of other premium electric shavers standards.

It definitely does not look so good and premium but if you are only concerned about shaving then the design should not matter.

And not to forget, it falls within budget

Wahl Electric Shaver Details
  • Foil shaver
  • Used by barbers
  • Shave without cord for about 50 minutes
  • Does not come with clean and charge station
  • Precision built in trimmer
  • Suitable for African-American men’s beard
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  1. Panasonic Arc4

Another Panasonic product. If you noticed then Panasonic’s Arc5 stands at number 2 on our list of best electric shavers and now the predecessor of Arc5 is here, that is, Arc4.

It features slit foil structure which is good for capturing long beard hairs. Just like any other premium electric men’s shaver, it is also equipped with essential features and hardware like wet&dry, 4 blades, the powerful dual motor that can deliver up to 56,000 cross cutting actions per minute.

If you are limited to a $100 budget then you should try this one because it is somewhat in this range only (approximation).

You might be thinking why this is so cheap if compared to Arc5, then let us tell you that it comes without clean and charge station which is the main reason it is so cost effective and budget friendly, and also Arc5 is foil based whereas Arc4 is a rotary based shaver.

Confused between rotary and foil? Take a look at the picture below, the left one is foil based while the right one which is circular is the rotary shaver. Which is better if we were to compare? Well, a foil shaver is much better and it gives a close to razor shave.

foil vs rotary shaver

Panasonic Arc4 Details
  • 4 shaving elements
  • Wet& Dry Supported
  • Slit foil patterns
  • Waterproof
  • Shave without cord
  • Does not come with clean and charge station
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  1. Philips Norelco 4500

philips norelco 4500 best electric shaver

Click on the photo to get the details and price of Philips Norelco 4500

Let’s have a look at this another Philips product which is again a rotary based electric shaver. If we talk about the budget then there is no big difference between the prices of Wahl’s shaver and Norelco 4500, so you can be sure that this one comes under budget friendly electric shavers for men.

You would need to replace the heads of this shaver after every 12 months, now keeping the price of this shaver in mind, it should cost approximately $20-$30 per year for the heads replacement, not bad.

For those who need detailed trimming, Norelco 4500 comes with a pop-up trimmer which can give you a detailed and sharp edged beard.

And yes, it is wet&dry supported within this budget also, the battery life should last for about 50-55 minutes on one charge.

Philips has tried its best to not compromise with the quality while keeping the price for this electric shaver as low as possible.

These 9 are the best electric shaver on the market right now and we will keep updating these products as soon as we feel a new shaver has been released and it’s better than these.

Philips Norelco 4500 Details
  • Rotary electric shaver
  • Wet& Dry Supported
  • Pop-up trimmer available
  • Fully washable
  • Shave without cord for about 50 minutes
  • Does not come with clean and charge station
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braun electric shaver for men 5090ccWe have already listed Braun’s series 9 and series 7 men’s electric shavers but what was the shaver that was winning hearts when there were no Series 7 and 9? It was Series 5, in fact, it is still winning hearts and people still use it.

Now, for those who don’t want extra features and think that the series 7 and 9 electric shavers have too much to offer and we don’t need too many features except for a smooth and clean shave, series 5 is here and it is undoubtedly one of the best Braun electric shavers.

There are some things which are missing in Series 5, for example, Sonic technology, 4/5 cutting elements (Series 5 shavers have only 3 cutting elements), no skin guard, and the shaving efficiency is 30,000 per minute which is slightly lower than Series 9 but equal to Series 7 shavers.

Now that does make any difference? Am I not getting a good shave with this electric razor? Let’s find out.

Sonic technology is not there and cutting elements are only 3 and also there is no skin guard. Do I get a smooth and safe shave? Yes, you get a perfect shave and it is not harsh on your skin.

Shaving efficiency is lower than Series 9, but it hardly makes any difference since Series 7 has the same efficiency and people are loving this shaver.

Does it have a clean and charge station? Yes, absolutely. You are paying less but getting the shaver you want.

It does have some cons like it makes some noise while you are using it and it’s better to clean it with the cleaning station you get, cleaning it manually will be a bit tough for you.

One more thing, there is no drying system within the clean and charge station, so it may take some time to dry itself after cleaning.

Now, talking about the shave quality for this price by the Braun brand, then it’s fairly good and satisfactory.

Braun 5090cc Details
  • Foil electric shaver.
  • Comes with clean and charge station.
  • No drying system.
  • 3 cutting elements.
  • Shave without cord for about 50 minutes
  • 5090cc and 5190cc are the same things.
  • Comes with ActiLift trimmers that lifts flat-lying hairs and also has a precision trimmer.
  • Wet and dry supported.
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Now, to end your confusion, if you are good on a budget then you can go for Braun’s electric shaver and if you are tight on budget then Wahl, Remington, Panasonic Arc4 and Norelco 4500 are good. Let us know what’s the best electric shaver for you and what suits your skin? Happy shaving.

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