Best Beard Trimmer 2018 List for the Trimming Your Beard Deserves

All you want is the best beard trimmer but right now you are just confused. Having seen so many products and so many suggestions has finally put into a dilemma and you need to be sure whether it’s the right one for you or not. Well, if you landed here first, then it’s our priority and responsibility to give you the right suggestion so that you can avoid that irritating confusion.

But, how do we know all this? Oh come on, we have reviewed so many products. Don’t you think we know what a consumer needs? We can see right through you and by the time this article finishes, you will be able to make a decision that which beard trimmer you should get.

Detailing is a must, you just can’t let the beard grow and leave it to take the shape it wants as that won’t look good and if you are a serviceman, then it is not even allowed. You have to make sure that it is well groomed, no matter what the length of your beard is.

What’s the Best Beard Trimmer for me?

This is the one and only question that bothers every buyer as he has a lot of doubts in his head, for example, should I get a cordless or corded trimmer? Which beard trimmer is good for medium hair length? Should I get a stubble trimmer instead of beard trimmer? Should I get the beard trimmer interchangeable attachments or not? etc.

We have provided the buyer’s guide at the bottom of this article right after the list, if you have such doubts in your mind, then you may head over there but if you already know what’s good for you and just need a superior performance, then here is the list of the best beard trimmers 2018.

Sr. No.Model/ProductBest Price
1Wahl Beard Trimmer Check Price
2Philips Norelco BT5210/42 Check Price
3Philips Norelco Series 7200 Check Price
4BeardScape Beard & Hair Trimmer Check Price
5Panasonic Milano All-in-One Check Price
6Remington MB4045B Check Price
7Braun BT5070 Men's Beard Trimmer Check Price
8Philips Norelco OneBlade Check Price
9Remington PG6171 Check Price
10Philips Norelco Series 3000 BT3210/41 Check Price

Beard Trimmer for Men Reviewed

In this section, we will do an in-depth analysis of the beard trimmers mentioned in the above table. We’ll talk about the features, the durability, built quality, effectiveness, hair length support and other such important things.

1. Wahl Beard Trimmer-Lithium Ion Stainless Steel

wahl beard trimmerWahl is a reputed brand, a brand that is used by many professionals as well. If you read our top picks for best electric shavers for men, you will notice that there is a Wahl shaver on that list as well.

Why are you telling about Wahl instead of the beard trimmer? It’s important for everyone to know that where it is coming from, who is building it and what’s the value of that brand.

Now, talking about the Wahl beard trimmer, then it is one of the finest and best beard trimmers out there on the market. Obviously, it is an awesome product or else we wouldn’t have listed it here for you.

Let’s talk about the built quality first. When you hold it in your hands, you will feel that it’s a premium product. The stainless steel body has a nice finishing and looks solid.

The model we are talking about here is the Wahl 9818 model and it one of the best trimmers by Wahl. Apart from that, it’s affordable.

It also comes in golden color but to be honest we liked the silver shade (the shade of the steel) more.

Let’s talk about what you are getting in this and why it is so suitable for every beard style or type.

It comes with 13 cutting lengths with clippers and 3 shaver heads, ear and nose trimmer, precision detailer and detail shaver which makes it suitable for almost every beard type.

Whether you have a full beard or a goatee (BTW, you can check some trendy and cool goatees here), it has everything to fulfill your needs, from cutting down longer hairs to giving detailing to your beards and brows.

Trimmers are compact but that doesn’t mean you can use them everywhere, the problem for travelers arrive here as the voltage doesn’t let them use their electric products everywhere BUT thankfully it has dual voltage support and can be used internationally as well.

They have their own self-sharpening blades technology. Don’t know what that means? It simply means that you are gonna get long lasting sharp blades.

Has it enough power to cut hairs and give detailing? Yes, it is based on Lithium Ion 2.0 technology which delivers the beard trimmer enough power to provide satisfactory results.

Sometimes we are in a hurry and we just need a little detailing but unfortunately the trimmer is not charged. No need to worry as this trimmer has 1-minute quick charge support that will last long for 3 minutes, more than enough to complete small tasks. When fully charged, it can run for about 4 hours (depends on your use), it takes approximately 1 hour to fully charge this Wahl beard trimmer. The LED indicator gives an indication when the trimmer needs charging.

The package also comes with a beard comb, a storage pouch, and blade brush and oil.

Wahl Beard Trimmer Details
  • Suitable for traveling, supports dual voltage (110-220 V).
  • Equipped with self-sharpening blades.
  • 4 attachments heads for the nose, ear, and body grooming.
  • 13 cutting lengths.
  • A USA product.
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2. Philips Norelco BT5210/42 Beard & Head Trimmer Series 5100

philips norelco 5100 series best beard trimmerIf this is the first time that you are getting a men’s grooming product, then you might not know about the contribution of Philips in the grooming industry but if you have previously researched about the grooming products, then you probably already know about the Norelco series by Philips.

From shavers to trimmers, Philips Norelco has something that always stands in the top 10 and this is one of them. The Norelco 5100 series BT5210/42 head and beard trimmer is a good product to go for.

What’s common between Wahl’s beard trimmer and Philips Norelco BT5210? Both are good trimmers powered by lithium-ion rechargeable battery, both are cordless, has a powerful motor and stamped steel self-sharpening blades.

What’s not common between the two? Philips BT5210 has fewer attachments and is powered by zoom wheel that has the ability to cut much shorter hairs as compared to Wahl’s. There are 1 built-in precision settings from 0.4 mm to 13  mm (1/64 inch to 1/2 inch) which is definitely a good thing and not to forget it is fully waterproof but you are advised to not use it in the shower, it’s just fully washable for thorough cleaning.

Its battery can delivery a run-time up to 70 minutes on one charge which usually takes about 1 hour to fully charge. The trimming is a bit faster because of double sharpened blades.

There’s one thing which is specifically missing in the Wahl’s beard trimmer and present in this one and that is you can use it while plugged in. It’s good but if you don’t care about it, then it’s completely useless for you (obviously).

Philips Norelco 5100 Beard Trimmer Details
  • 17 built-in precision settings (0.4-13 mm).
  • 70 minutes runtime after a 1 hour charge.
  • Fully washable.
  • Double sharpened self-sharpening steel blades.
  • Rounded contour integrated comb.
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3. Philips Norelco Beard trimmer Series 7200

philips norelco series 7200 best trimmer for menAnother best beard trimmer for men by Philips that deserves a mention. It’s time to get a bit advanced and introduce its abilities and disabilities.

Let’s start with the basics. It’s cordless, powered by double sharpened steel blades just like the 5100 model, runs for about 75-80 minutes on 1-hour charge which is slightly better than the 5100 model, uses the same lift & trim technology as 5100.

There are 20 built-in length settings from 0.5 mm to 10 mm. 5100 BT5210 has length settings from 0.4-13 mm.

This trimmer has a vacuum system, they promise that it will lessen the mess by catching up to 90% of the hairs (read it carefully it’s UP TO). We are saying this because we felt it could be improved.

Philips Norelco 7200 Trimmer Details
  • Integrated vacuum system.
  • Equipped with double sharpened self-sharpening blades.
  • 20 built-in length settings (zoom wheel) ranging from 0.5-10 mm.
  • 13 cutting lengths.
  • 80 minutes of cordless use on 1-hour charge.
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4. BeardScape Beard and Hair Trimmer

beardscape beard and hair trimmerThis one is a bit different. For those who have been using trimmers or shavers that have stainless steel blades, this is going to be something new because it does not have stainless steel blades. This is something we loved and hated at the time.

Why we loved it? Because it does its job, that is, trimming perfectly.

Why we hated it? As said above, because it doesn’t have stainless steel blade so getting to know this product took a while. Our suggestion would be to not use it at full speed in starting if you are using it for the first time. Once you get your hands on this, it’s going to be so smooth.

Some reviewers also believe that it cuts the beard just like a hot knife cuts butter. You can clearly see how smooth it can be, we would surely agree to this.

Instead of stainless steel blades, this trimmer for men has ceramic blades which are supposedly 4 times harder than stainless steel. The thing is the friction between these blades is quite low which reduces the noise.

Not to forget, it doesn’t make much noise. So, you can skip that irritating sound that you hear while trimmer with other beard trimmers.

It takes about 3 hours to get fully charge and can run for up to 4 hours (depending on the size of your beard and the way you do it). One more thing, it comes with a charging stand (YEAH, that’s one more unique thing about this beard trimmer for men).

There are 5 speed settings and it also has an LED display that displays the current battery percentage. Personally, we found this LED display to be very useful.

It comes with 8 length guards, from 1 mm to 18 mm and integrated blade height adjustment from 1 mm to 1.9 mm.

Overall, it’s a nice beard trimmer for men and you can surely give this a try.

BeardScape Beard and Hair Trimmer Details
  • Makes almost no noise while trimming hairs.
  • Equipped with ceramic blades, 4 times harder than steel.
  • Gets full charge in 3 hours
  • Digital display that shows battery life.
  • 5 speed settings.
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5. Panasonic Milano All-in-One Trimmer ER-GB40-S

panasonic milano ER-GB40-S beard trimmerPanasonic has done a really great job with this beard and mustache trimmer. It has got some successors like ER-GB80-S and ER-GB60-S, but we finally decided to go with the GB40-S model as it fulfills all our demands while staying in the budget.

Obviously, GB60 and GB80 have got some more features like more beard length settings, but still, GB40 is also not far behind and as said earlier, it fulfills all the needs.

SPECIALTY: Although there is a lot to talk about this trimmer, which we will do right now, before anything else let us tell you that you can it as a body hair trimmer for your arms, chest etc.

This men’s hair and beard trimmer use stainless steel blades which are set at an angle of 45 degrees to make the cutting of hairs more effective.

There are 19 precision settings that you adjust easily with the quick-adjust dial. These precision settings in this electric beard trimmer are more than enough for perfect hair and beard trimming, cutting, sculpting, and detailing.

Now, one more interesting thing about this beard trimmer for men, it’s 100% waterproof. Unlike Philips Norelco 5100, you can use it in the shower as well, it supports wet&dry conditions.

Apart from being waterproof, it’s very easy to clean the trimmer with the help of easy-open water drain.

The grip is rubberized which made it easy for us to hold and control the trimmer, because of this rubberized grip the trimmer does not slip off your hands.

The charging stand looks quite nice. Oh, wait! Didn’t we tell you that it comes with a charging stand? Oops! Yeah, it comes with a charging stand that looks quite good as compared to the BeardScape trimmer’s stand.

There is an LED light at the bottom of the trimmer which you won’t see normally, but as soon as you put it in the charging stand for charging, it will start glowing red.

They say it’s lightweight but we didn’t see any noticeable difference, however, the structure and design of this beard trimmer make it easier to hold and control.

Panasonic Milano All-in-One Trimmer Details
  • Uses stainless steel blades aligned at an angle of 45 degrees.
  • Equipped with self sharpening blades.
  • Rubber grip for better control.
  • 19 precision length settings for trimming, edging, and detailing.
  • Comes with an AC charging stand.
  • Can be used in the shower.
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6. Remington MB4045B Full Beard Grooming Kit

remington MB4045B electric beard trimmer kitA perfect pick for those who have a full and heavy beard. Overall, it’s a nice beard trimmer that can work for almost any beard type.

There are 18 length settings in this beard trimmer for men. Apart from this, the kit also includes 3 combs, namely, a stubble comb, medium comb, and an XL comb. These combs can trim from 1 mm to 35 mm (every comb’s range is different).

The XL comb is suitable for the long beards while the other 2 combs are suitable for shorter jobs.

No need to worry about the detailing and shaping as it has a detailing trimmer.

This cordless beard trimmer will take approximately 4 hours to get fully charged and will run for about 110-120 minutes on one charge.

Make sure you don’t carry this beard trimmer internationally without other required charger and converters because it does not have the dual voltage support and can handle on 110-120 Vac.

Since we called it a beard grooming kit, then it won’t be good to not have any other tools with it. The trimmer comes with a brush and scissors also.

It can be used while charging also and it is washable (don’t use it in the shower).

Remington MB4045B Details
  • 120 minute run-time on 4 hours charge.
  • Comes with 3 length combs.
  • Also has the detailing trimmer.
  • 18 cutting lengths.
  • Trimming range is 1.5 mm to 35 mm.
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7. Braun BT5070 Men’s Beard Trimmer

Braun BT5070 mens beard trimmerBraun has been doing great in the grooming industry for years and here comes a trimmer for men by Braun. It may not be the best beard trimmer out there but it’s definitely worth a try.

The trimmer comes with 2 detachable beard combs with 25 length setting. It doesn’t have Li-ion batteries, rather it has Ni-MH batteries that take about 1 hour to get fully charge and can provide 50 minutes of use on one charge.

Styling and detailing becomes easy with the help of slide out detail trimmer.

Cleaning the beard trimmer is not a hectic thing since it’s washable and you can wash it under running water (don’t use this electric beard trimmer in the shower).

The 2 beard combs, the precision comb which has ranged from 1 mm to 10 mm is suitable for getting that stylish look and the other comb is suitable for long beards, it has a range of 10 mm to 20 mm.

It can be used while charging as well.

Braun BT5070 Men's Beard Trimmer Details
  • Supports corded and cordless operations.
  • Equipped with Ni-MH batteries that can run for 50 minutes on 1-hour charge.
  • Fully washable (not to be used in the shower).
  • 25 length settings with 2 detachable combs.
  • Has a slide out detail trimmer.
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8. Philips Norelco OneBlade Trimmer for Men

philips beard trimmer norelco onebladeIt’s a hybrid product by Philips. For those who don’t know about the hybrid thing, then it’s not a trimmer only. Unlike other products it is not meant for trimming only, you can use it to shave your hairs also.

As the name “OneBlade” suggests, it’s a multipurpose product that can be used to trim your beard, edge, and shaping, and for shaving. Now, let’s see how effective is this.

Since this beard trimmer and shaver is very cost effective as compared to others, so, we were a bit doubtful about its performance but it didn’t disappoint us and worked good.

Some reviewers with sensitive skin observed temporary red patches on the neck while shaving but for some, it worked great.

Trimming is great but shaving is not as great as the traditional blade or any dedicated electric shaver, there was no problem with the edging also.

There is only one blade that can last up to 4 months and it highly varies depending on how frequently you use it and for what beard length it is being used. The replacement is easy, it is similar to replacing blades on safety razors.

There are no dials to set the precision length setting, it is suitable for almost every beard.

The only downside of this trimmer is that it takes a longer duration to charge as compared to other trimmers. Other products on this best beard trimmer list usually take 1-4 hours to get fully charge but this one takes about 8 hours to charge and will last for about 40-45 minutes on one charge.

You can use it in the shower as wet&dry is supported, it is completely water resistant.

There are 3 stubble combs of lengths 1, 3, and 5 mm.

Philips Norelco OneBlade Trimmer for Men Details
  • Hybrid product for trimming and shaving.
  • Suitable for every hair length.
  • Easily replaceable blade.
  • Requires 24 hours charging before first use.
  • Can be used in the shower.
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9. Remington PG6171 The Crafter Trimmer

Remington 6171 stubble and best beard trimmerThis is an 11 piece complete grooming kit for trimming by Remington. It uses stainless steel cutting blades that are suitable for all type of facial trimming needs.

Of course, it has the shaver attachment but again, it is not as good as an electric shaver or a razor whereas, other attachments for trimming are good. The shaving attachment can be used to shave the hairs from areas where it is difficult for a regular sized shaver to reach.

The battery of this trimmer is long lasting, perhaps the best on this list of best beard trimmer products. It gives a runtime of 3 hours when fully charged.

Apart from that, it has 5-minute quick charging service that gives enough power to the trimmer to provide a normal trimming/shave. This feature comes handy when you are running short of time, after all, something is better than nothing.

If you have got thick hairs, then its Turbo mode is surely going to help you. If shaving in the shower is your style, then again it’s a good news for you since this beard trimmer for men is 100% waterproof and be used in the shower.

The neck of this trimmer is a bit extended which makes it easier to trim the neck part. There are 10 trimming length settings in this mens beard trimmer and it works for pubic hairs as well.

What else do you get in this grooming kit? Since this is a grooming kit, so there has to be something more than just a beard trimmer. You get a detail trimmer, detail foil shaver, nose, ear and eyebrow trimmer, 5 combs, an adjustable comb and a storage/travel pouch.

If you are a traveler, then it is for you since it is internationally supported with a voltage range of 110-240 Vac.

Remington PG6171 The Crafter Details
  • Suitable for complete facial grooming.
  • Can run for 3 hours on one charge.
  • 5-minute quick charge feature.
  • 100% waterproof and can be used in the shower.
  • Turbo mode for thick hairs.
  • 10 trimming lengths.
  • Extended neck for better reach.
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10. Philips Norelco Beard and Stubble trimmer Series 3000 BT3210/41

Philips beard trimmer for men norelco series 3000This best trimmer for men list is truly overwhelmed by Philips products. This is the newer version of Series 3500 QT4018/49 and definitely better when it comes to performance.

It does what it says, no false and extra promises, just beard and stubble trimming and there is no doubt it works great.

Suitable for traveling as long as the voltage supply lies between 100-240 V.

It has got 10 length settings in 1 mm increments. The head is easily detachable and you can clean the head under running water.

It gives you 90 minutes of cordless use on one charge but the bad thing is it takes about 8 hours to get fully charged which is definitely not very good as compared to other Philips beard trimmer models like Series 5100 and Series 7200, those trimmers take only 1 hour for charging.

The beard comb is builtin and adjustable. Just like the 5100 and 7200 models, it also has dual-cut blades.

Don’t expect to get any extra attachment or hair clippers with this. It serves one and only one purpose and that is, TRIMMING. If you are concerned about that only, then this is not gonna disappoint you and trimming is its forte.

Philips Norelco Beard and Stubble Trimmer Details
  • Suitable for stubble trimming as well.
  • Detachable and washable head.
  • 4 attachments heads for nose, ear, and body grooming.
  • 10 adjustable length settings.
  • Provides 90 minutes of cordless use.
  • Dual cut blades.
  • Takes 8 hours to get fully charged (which is a con of this men’s trimmer).
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Beard Trimming Tips and Some Common Questions Answered

As we promised earlier that we will be giving you some tips and the answers to some common questions after we finish listing the best beard trimmers.

In this section, we will give you some tips, answer the common questions we get asked about trimmer and trimming and clear some other doubts which may be helpful for you while trimming your beard.

  • Cordless or Corded?

To be honest, this is not a thing to worry about. It all depends on your convenience. No doubt cordless provide ease of use as there is no cord disturbing you while trimming your hairs but it also has a downside that battery can run out of time.

Corded on the other hand sometimes become irritating when they stuck in your hand while trimming.

There are trimmers that can be used in both conditions, i.e, corded and cordless, we have mentioned a few like this.

In fact, we have also mentioned some trimmers that have 1 minute and 5 minute quick charge functions, this eliminates the fear of battery running out.

  • Should I keep my beard wet or dry while trimming?

There is a way to do everything. Our advice would be to first clean your beard with a beard shampoo and then dry it for best performance. If you were going to shave it off with a razor or trimming it down with a scissor, then a dirty beard would cause no harm (if done by professionals), but moving a beard trimmer over a dirty beard with dust filled in is going to cause some problems.

Dirt filled beard will not let the trimmer do its job smoothly and you may experience hair pulling. For shaping, the dry beard is preferred.

  • First time trimming length setting

Our hands know our gadgets, we know how are they gonna work on particular setting, but a new product is unpredictable.

If you have got your hands on a new beard trimmer, then we would advise you to first set it on the maximum length to see how it works.

A long beard can be trimmed down to short immediately, but the reverse is not true. So, first get to know your trimmer and then, adjust the length settings to the minimum.

  • Beard trimmer or Stubble Trimmer?

First, let us clear one thing that beard trimmers and stubble trimmers are not the same. However, there are some trimmers that work great for stubble as well.

Which one to get? That totally depends on you. If you check out the Philips beard trimmer on number 10 on the list, then you will see that it’s a stubble and beard trimmer.

  • Be careful while doing mustaches

A mistake in the beard can be taken care of but a small mistake while doing mustaches can ruin your whole look. So, just be careful and don’t start with the minimum length setting.

  • Single purpose or multipurpose?

It completely depends on your choice and needs. Do you need it for beard only? Or you have an intention to use it on other body parts as well? On this list, we have listed some amazing beard trimmers that are good for bigger areas like chest and sensitive areas like the groin.

Some grooming kits have attachments for nose and ear hair trimming also. So, first identify what are your needs and choose the trimmer accordingly. BTW, we have listed hair trimmers for every purpose (almost).


The products we have listed surely deserve to be on our best beard trimmer list and you can go for any one of these. Just see what you need it for and get your hands on the that fulfill your needs. What’s your favorite beard trimmer for men? Let us know your liking in the comments section.

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